Learning and working programme: In accordance with Italian Law 107/2005 and in line with the principle of the so called ‘Open School’, the Archaeological Park of Pompeii stipulates agreements aimed at the realisation of learning and working programmes. Students attending the 3rd to 5th year of the upper secondary school are received, free of charged and provided with a tutor who works in the administration. These programmes establish the creation of didactic and inter-disciplinary projects based on the analysis of the conditions of the location, the classification and cataloguing of the archaeological finds and artefacts.

Training courses: In compliance with the Directorate-General for Education and Culture and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Institution undertakes training initiatives for its employees such as language courses, and refresher courses aimed at the enhancement of the cultural heritage.

Civil service: elaboration of projects for the civil service – ‘National civil service: 20 young people for the Archaeological Park of Pompeii!’ The goals are: protection, use and promotion of the cultural heritage. The life in the ancient times is made known to various sorts of public with different needs – like schools of all types and at all levels – and the cultural heritage is valorised with the goal of receiving an increasing amount of special public.
Educational workshop: ‘Ancient Pompeii attends school in… 2018!’
the Archaeological Park of Pompeii offers kindergartens the educational project ‘Ancient Pompeii attends school in…2018!’
The project, curated by the Education and research section (Dr. Maria Rosaria Capasso) of this Archaeological Park, tells the school life of a little ancient Pompeian called Plinietto and compares life in the past with today’s.
Other educational projects and projects for the enhancement of the cultural heritage will be soon completed.



Contacts: mariarosaria.capasso@beniculturali.it ; pompei.areaeducazione@beniculturali.it