Route temporarily not practicable, currently only the route valid from 9th June 2020 is available (click here)

3 h entry/exit Esedra square

  1. Entry from Esedra Square
  2. Quadriporticus of the theatres, Teatro Grande, Odeion
  3. House of the Menander
  4. House of the Cryptoporticus
  5. Abbondanza street
  6. Stabiana street
  7. Stabian Baths
  8. Lupanar
  9. Casa dell’Orso Ferito Via degli Augustali
  10. Mercurio street
  11. House of the Faun
  12. House of the Vettii
  13. House of the Small Fountain
  14. House of the Tragic Poet
  15. Macellum
  16. Temple of Jupiter
  17. Forum Granary
  18. Sanctuary of the Public Lares
  19. Temple of Genius Augusti (Temple of Vespasian)
  20. Building of Eumachia
  21. Municipal buildings
  22. House of Championnet
  23. House of the Geometric Mosaics
  24. Sanctuary of Apollo
  25. Basilica
  26. Santuario di Venere
  27. Antiquarium/Villa Imperiale and exit Esedra square