"Pompeii and the Etruscans" Exhibition - Large Palaestra, 12th December 2018 – 2nd May 2019
Signed Memorandum of Understanding with National Agency for the Deaf
Regio V: from excavations Leda and the Swan fresco re-emerges
Until the 16th March, visitors to the Excavations of Pompeii, in possession of a ticket, will also be able to visit the Castello di Lettere in the same day and free of charge
The House of the Ceii and the House of Julia Felix reopen to the public

The official ticket offices are only those inside the Park and online, on the TicketOne website.

Free maps are available at the Info Point.

It is possible to access the sites only with small bags (30x30x15 cm max.)

When visiting the excavations, display a good and acceptable behaviour

Guided tours can be booked at the Information desk at Porta Marina or in Piazza Esedra

Pompeii Social